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Jackie PR Challenge Results

It was a hard fought battle.  Six weeks of hard work came to a culmination of awesome Saturday morning.

Prizes included:

1st Place Gold CFB Medal + $125 cash prize

2nd Place Silver CFB Medal + $100 CFB Gift Certificate

3rd Place Bronze CFB Medal + $35 cash prize

EVERYONE who participated hit a PR on the event, and when the dust settled the results shaped up like this:

Women’s Top Finishers

First Place: Wendy Blankenship with a 4 minute and 30 second improvement from her original score

Second Place: Jenna Connor with a 2 minute and 11 second improvement from her original score

Third Place: Ashlie Ingram with a 1 minute and 44 second improvement

These guys were followed closely by awesome performances from Tina Lewis, Laura Schmitt, and Kimberly Cedar!

Men’s Top Finishers

First Place:  Brent Westbrook with a staggering 7 minute and 44 second improvement!

Second Place: Jack Hall with a 5 minute and 50 second improvement

Third Place: Chris Graham with a 5 minute and 10 second improvement.

All of these guys were followed closely by the awesome performances of Frankie Silva, Brent Booth, Craig Stauffer, Tim Devall, and Jason Hazelwood.

Last but not least the Spirit of the Games award was given out.  Prizes for this award consistent of a special CFB SOG medal plus $100 gift card to CFB!

The SOG award is given to the person we believe showed great heart and perseverance inside and outside the competition.  They may have not had the best improvement but we know they worked hard and we are very proud of their work!  Their attitude and desires reflect what competition is always about, and we were proud to award this to….

Jason Hazlewood!

We are very proud of all the hard work from all the athletes that participated.  It was an awesome showing.  Keep up the great work!


8-20-13 WOD




Met Con: 

Tabata 20s of work 10s rest for 8 intervals of each movement

Push Ups 


Mountain Climbers