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Jennifer Stone

I started the nutrition program in Jan 2016 at the prompting of my daughter Sarah that worked at CrossFit Bartlett. She also tried to talk me into working out. I found that I LOVED the nutrition program and learned so much. I also loved the people and the spirit so I decided to look into the workout as well. I thought I was in pretty good shape but found I was just mediocre.

The coaches taught me to continue to improve and believe in myself. When I worked out at my old gym, I never increased my weights much or tried new things. I was in a rut and never saw much improvement. The nutrition and CrossFit workout gave me huge improvements in strength, cardiovascular endurance and a much better attitude towards my health.

I am a small frame person but had a lot of body fat. I was “skinny fat” I weighed 129.1 lbs with very little muscle definition. I lost 11 pound and quite a few inches. I began to see cuts in my arms legs and ABS! I’m working on my 6 pack!! My husband joined as well and it has improved our relationship because we do it together and feel better too. The coaches focus on helping others and helping improve lives. The team approach is awesome. I love the encouragement I get from the other members and the friendships I’ve made. That’s is the awesome part that makes me want to go. I get to encourage others as well. Seeing people change their lives for the better is an awesome feeling.