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Labor Day and Competition

Today is Labor Day…

Labor day was established in 1887 to celebrate the contribution of the labor force to society.

You can check out the history here if you’re interested! 

Today much of your staff will be laboring away in competition.

We are going to be at the Delta Throw Down here’s their Facebook page.

The events start at 10AM at the Agricenter so come wear your CFB Swag and support your staff and students competing!

One of the great things about CrossFit is competition.  Even during workouts at the gym there’s a bit of a competitive spirit to them. Each person has a score and if you like you can work on beating other people in your class.  The great thing about competition is that sometimes it’s nice to know how you stack up.  It’s nice to know where you need work, and it’s nice to know that sometimes you beat other people.

It’s fun to be a part of a sport where you can compete and have fun, and it’s not too serious.

We are very excited to be out there competing and we hope that we represent the gym well!

See you there!