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Letter to My Daughter?.

You don’t read my blog right now.  Of course I wouldn’t expect you to, you’re only 3 years old, but I hope one day you do.  When you do read my blog, I hope you come across this one.  This is a letter to you, my sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl.  I worry about you everyday.  

I see images on TV of unrealistic women.  I own a gym.  I talk to beautiful strong women on a daily basis who are unhappy with their body.  In my opinion it makes sense.  Look at what they are exposed to.  Look at what society is putting up.  ‘Plus size models,’ are actually ‘normal’ women.  We have come to think that ‘normal’ is fat, and that just isn’t the case.  This is crazy.  When will the madness stop?  When will we start spreading the message that healthy is beautiful?  Here’s what I want to tell you Layla, you are beautiful.  You are a beautiful person, and no matter what you think when you look in the mirror, you should be looking at your heart.  Where is your heart?  That’s where real beauty is.  You should be healthy, take care of yourself and exercise, but train to be healthy, not ‘skinny.’

Most things you see on TV are unrealistic.  They are selling you on something that is not possible.  They thrive on making you feel bad about yourself.  Don’t believe them.  Strive to be beautiful on the inside and healthy from the outside.  Be confident in yourself.  You are an amazing little girl.  You are beautiful, and I love you with all my heart.  

11-6-13 WOD



To be discussed in class:

Met Con:

HSPU x 5

Ring Dips x 5

Box Jumps x 5

AMRAP 12 minutes