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Life is Short

In April, 2 and 1/2 years ago, I was miserable. ?I was working a job that I was unhappy in. ?The clinic I was in, didn’t treat me well. ?They also didn’t respect my intelligence. ?I spent a majority of my time doing mindless things. ?I was bored to tears. ?In the month of January that year, I read 12 books cover to cover while at work, just to find something stimulating to do. ?It was at that point, when I opened CrossFit Bartlett. ?We started off extremely small, 3 people to be exact. ?With the help of Angie working afternoon classes for me. ?In 3 months we had around 20 people. ?It was at this point when we started looking for a new place. ?I also switched ‘real jobs’ and left the clinic I was at to work for a high school.

In November of that year we found it, 5790 Ferguson road, Bartlett, our current location! ?We were elated to get the space, but we really couldn’t afford it. ?I subsidized most of the construction with my salary from my ‘real job’. ?I worked for another 6 months, supplementing the gym growth from my salary. ?Things got really strained. ?I was working classes at 6am until lunch, then leaving and working high school sports until 10PM pretty much daily. ?On the weekends I traveled and worked games a lot. ?I was still not happy. ?I wanted to see my wife, who was now pregnant. ?We didn’t get to spend much time together. ?It was at this point that I began looking into whether I could quit my ‘real job’ and begin coaching full time.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I quit my ‘real job’. ?Everyone I know told me not to do it. ?They gave a litany of excuses, ‘the economy is terrible right now,’ ‘you have to take care of your family,’ ‘90% of all businesses lose money their first 2 years,’ ‘75% of all businesses fail,’ (not sure about actual statistics here). ?The point was that I was miserable. ?Something needed to give. ?The ironic part was, I felt like I was taking care of my family more by going full time at the gym. ?I could spend time with them and be there for them, etc. ?Second to that, I was so unhappy, I’m sure I wasn’t a real joy to live with anyway. ?My heart was at the gym with my clients, and that’s where I needed to be!

Michelle joined me shortly after I went full time, and all of us worked our tails off to build the gym. ?We have had some bumps in the road, and it still isn’t where I would like it to be, but I feel like we have a pretty awesome community. Life is extremely short. ?I believe everyone should find something they love to do, and do it! ?It’s been two years since we moved into our current space. ?We celebrate that birthday because I feel like that’s when we became a legitimate business. ?This weekend we will be having a birthday bbq blow out! ?Please come and bring your family. ?You guys make this all possible and we want to show our appreciation! ?Thanks for a couple of amazing years! ?I see nothing but good things coming in the future!!