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Luau Par-Tay!!

Don’t forget today is Reverse Swim Wear Day!

Saturday we are planning an awesome end to our Spring Break.  We are having a Luau Party!  Here’s what’s going down….

The workout of the day will start at 9AM.  We will be doing whatever CrossFit Open workout is announced Wednesday night.  ANYONE can do the workout, and we are encouraging you to bring your friends to watch, take pictures, cheer you on, and participate in the workout!  We will find a scaled version for you to….do not worry.  

PS:  Even if you don’t want to workout that day come and cheer on your friends and help the team!  Directly after the workout we will be having the Luau.

The gym will be set up to give you as beachy of a feel as possible without the sand and waves!  We may even get crazy and turn the heat on…….maybe!  Either way, we are providing pork for you to eat, and the goal is for you to provide the rest of the food via a Whole Life Challenge approved pot luck.  We want you to cook a Paleo or WLC dish and bring it and the recipe.  Share the recipe with your friends and it’s a win-win (give the person the fish and teach them)!  

Recap:  Open workout Saturday 9AM.  Come one come all and participate in the event.  After the workout, Luau Party/ Fun times…. bring a WLC pot luck dish to share food, recipes, and good times!  

See you there!

13.1 xfit open march 09, 2013-231

3-13-13 WOD


Work up to Heavy Power Clean max for the day

Met Con:

Kettlebell Swings x 10 

Box Jumps x 20 

Sit Ups x 30 

5 rounds for time 

The Power Clean from Again Faster on Vimeo.