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Making Music

You may or may not know this, but I have a fairly strong background in music.  I played trombone for 16 years.  I was in drum and bugle corps, marching bands in high school and college at UF, jazz bands, symphonic bands, basketball and volley ball pep bands you name it.  I also, started playing guitar and piano when I was in college.  While in college I studied trombone performance and completed a minor in that field.  I think the thing that brought me most joy was knowing that practicing and performing was allowed me to play my small part in a larger ensemble in order to create something beautiful.  My part contributed to the whole, and my part was something that was created from my hard work and dedication.  I’m not sure there is anything more satisfying then creating amazing music with a group.  The music is alive, created by you, and elicits raw actual emotion from everyone involved.  I still get goose bumps sometimes thinking about certain performances that I was a part of.  I think that’s why I’m drawn to being an entrepreneur in fitness.  My hard work and dedication creates a business where the people who are part of the ensemble can create something beautiful (your results).  Hard work and dedication pays off and it’s amazing when someone hits a PR.  

Have you ever looked at your hard work like that?  Is it part of a bigger picture?  At CFB you guys make up the ensemble.  Your hard work creates the culture and gets you the desired result.  It also creates the environment of a living breathing organism that will grow if you make it grow.  Other people benefit from your hard work.  You are part of something bigger. Think about that.  Think about how you can affect others and how they affect you!  The next time you come to a class see if you can make an effort so amazing that you can get goose bumps thinking about it!  Who’s fired up, because I know I am!

13.4 Xfit Crossfit Bartlett-87

4-4-13 WOD


Make Up

Met Con:

2K Row

Sit ups x 100

Box Step Ups x 50 (same height or higher then normal box jump)

for time