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Meat Consumption as Bad as Cigarettes …..

Several people have forwarded me this study and asked my opinion on it.  Here’s a link to the article in the LA Times. It seems that the media went crazy to stir the pot with controversy over a poorly contrived study, but as Omar Gooding used to say in a favorite show of mine as a kid, ‘You don’t have to take my word for it.’  Here’s a snippet of what Robb Wolf had to say:

‘A number of folks have asked for my thoughts on the new study  which would have us believe eating meat is as bad a smoking .More epidemiology, more correlation without causation. Overeat, get poor sleep, stay sedentary and you have problems. That?s my complex, physiological un-packing of this study.’

You can read the entire opinion of the research here! 

The truth is, there’s just not enough information here to point blame to only meat, and it’s really frustrating that the media jumps on this and convinces people to do things that could possibly have serious negative impacts on their health, just in the name of controversy.

What are your thoughts?

3-19-2014 WOD



Met Con:

Kettle Bell Swings x 21

800 meter run

3 rounds for time