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More Bacteria Then Human?

Your gut has over 100 Trillion individual bacteria in it.  A healthy gut has over 450 different species of bacteria.  To put it in perspective, if you took 1 trillion dollar bills and lined them up end to end you can reach from here to the sun.  Now imagine doing that 100 times and you’d start to get an idea of how many bacteria that is.  They play an important role in your health.  Depending on how you eat, will either feed the good bacteria and starve the bad ones, or vice versa.  If you eat a ton of sugar you will feed not healthy bacteria.  There is also evidence that as their numbers grow, they can actually talk to your cells and make you crave sugar to feed them more.  Just think, billions of bacteria sitting in your gut and calling the shots.  There is also more evidence coming out that your gut and your brain are more connected then you think.  Did you know that over 80% of the neurotransmitter seratonin is produced in your gut?  To me that’s completely fascinating.  Your gut can dictate whether you feel mentally good or not and this can be driven by bacteria…… crazy!  You will do yourself some good if you take care of your gut.  Feed it the right forms of bacteria such as a probiotic.  Eat what are called prebiotic foods like saur kraut, fermented foods etc.  You can also eat fibrous vegetables and some fruits and this will feed the bacteria as well.  100 Trillion bacteria out number the entire amount of cells in your body, so technically we are more bacteria then human…. take care of your micro biome!


7-10-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Clean and Jerk x 5 (touch and go) 

Box Jumps x 7 

100m run 

8 rounds for time