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My Eyes are Sweating! Crossfit in Memphis

Today, Chris and I decided to do a different WOD from the gym. ?We are in the process of doing a stupid idea of doing 100,000lbs of weight lifting volume within 1 week of work. ?Needless to say, the only reason to do this is just to do it. ?Anyway that’s not the point of this story. ?After doing two WOD’s yesterday, I am physically beat down and sore. ?Today our workout was ‘Hammer’. ?It’s a Hero workout from ?The workout consists of:

Cleans x 5 @ 135lbs

Front squats x 10 @ 135lbs

Push jerks x 5 @ 135lbs

Pull ups x 20

then 90 seconds of rest

5 rounds for time

This workout is absolutely ridiculous and just a bruiser of a workout. ?Pull ups are not my strong suit anyway, so 100 of them in a workout kills me. ?After yesterday’s two WOD’s this thing took me forever! ?In fact, I would venture to say that this workout was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. ?Maybe it was the fact that it was compounded with the craziness that we did yesterday, or maybe the workout was just that hard. ?As I was doing it, I honestly wanted to quit. ?I don’t think the barbell movements were that hard, but coupled with the pull ups it just obliterated me. ?Had there not been people there cheering me on, I would’ve quit. ?Which is why working out in our community is so awesome! ?Here comes the funny part….. as I was doing the workout, I actually teared up! ?I have personally never teared up in a workout, but this one just seemed so hard to me today, my body became overwhelmed with emotion I think. ?As I did, I actually laughed and thought to myself, ‘I’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating.’ Shortly after that, I hit my last round and ended up at least finishing the beast. ?My question to you is this…. have you ever worked so hard in a workout or left it all on the line that you actually teared up? ?What have you done workout wise to make your eyes sweat? ?Post Comments below!!

Jack working hard on sit ups. click here to check out more pics from Flickr!