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New Year’s Resolutions Crossfit in Memphis

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. ?Everyone thinks about how they want to make better choices this year. ?Are your resolutions lip service, good intentions or lifestyle changes? ?Those are the questions you have to ask yourself. ?I’ve had several people talk to me about how my business should get a bump in January, and they are right. ?For the most part every gym gets a bump in membership come January. ?The real question is, how many of those people continue to show up in February, March, and April. ?For most gyms the drop out rate is higher then 70%. ?For our gym our retention rate is usually higher then 70%. ?What’s the difference? ?We care. ?We take a genuine interest in your results. ?We base our business off of results. ?If you fall off the face of the Earth, we call you. ?If you miss a couple of days, your friends in our CFB community will call you because they care. ?Everyone here wants you to get better and that leads to retention and results. ?This year don’t just pay lip service with good intentions. ?Change your lifestyle. ?Be a part of something bigger then yourself. ?Be the person you want to be. ?Hope to see you soon.

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