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Night Time Recovery….

Last Saturday I had a hamstring injury.  It was pretty awful.  Extremely painful, and I had to have help walking off the field when it happened.

It’s been a week and although I’m not 100% I am significantly better then I was, and one of the factors I’m attributing it to is taking the supplement

Night Time Recovery. 


This supplement is designed to cause some positive hormonal changes while you sleep.  It’s designed to help the body repair better which will help with recovery from workouts, soreness, muscle growth etc.  It helps support the production of Human Growth Hormone which can help with increased muscle production, decreased body fat, and overall better response from the stresses of exercise.

More importantly I took it after I injured my hamstring.  Remember, I had to have help getting off the field Saturday…

Sunday morning, I woke up wondering if I could go jogging. I tried and couldn’t it wasn’t a miracle, but I did walk pretty pain free.  It has helped significantly.

I highly recommend this stuff, so if check it out.  You can order it here, or you can pick it up at the gym.  Let me know your thoughts.


10-29-14 WOD


Snatch Balance

Met Con:

KB Swings (Heavy) x 5

Burpees x 5

Double Unders x 20

AMRAP 12 Minutes

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