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Not Your Grandma’s Paleo

Saturday February 2nd at 1PM I will be teaching an advanced nutrition seminar. ?We will delve into the world of supplements. ?We will also look at nutrition hacks or short cuts. ?I will also be doing Bio-signature tests on all attendees.

Topics to be covered:

Supplements– I will cover a plethora of supplements, what to take for what reason and why. ?Notice the key word here is supplement, you can not out supplement a crappy diet!

Meal timing– I will be going over timing of meals, and why it’s important. ?I will also talk about what to eat when, and for what reason.

Hormone control– I will be discussing the various hormones involved in performance, health, body composition, and why they are important. ?We will also delve into how to manipulate them with nutrition and supplements to fix certain things.

BioSignature– ?I plan on doing biosignature measurements for every attendee. ?Through certain caliper scores we can get a good idea hormonally what’s going on with you. ?This will allow us to make more informed decisions about how to proceed, or why you may not be getting the results you wanted.

and much much more….

The seminar will be around 4 hours with breaks and measurements. ?Even if you’ve been to my other talks, you should find this fascinating filled with new information. ?I have actually never given a talk like this to a large group, but I do many of these things with individuals currently.

Cost will be $100.

Special point- ?This seminar is open to everyone, but it is being taught under the premise that you know, and have a good grasp on Paleo Nutrition. ?You must be doing everything else right and eating clean before you delve into supplements. ?There are no short cuts to poor nutrition, and you can not supplement your way out of it. ?That being said, please come and learn!

Here is the link to register for the seminar!

There are a limited number of spots, so I suggest you sign up quickly!