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Odd Objects and Their Place in GPP

If you have never done any strength and conditioning prior to CrossFit Bartlett, then when you get here the barbells we use may make you uncomfortable at first. After a few months though you know the barbells like the back of your hand. This is awesome, barbell training is a great way to develop speed, power, accuracy, and strength. However this is a trap that I feel too many CrossFitters fall in. They become too comfortable with a barbell, and only with a barbell. The point of CrossFit is to increase your GPP (general physical preparedness). Now this extends past the gym and into the real world. As some of you astute exercisers may have noticed, you don’t come across too many barbells waiting to be power cleaned outside of CFB. Taking that into account, how can CrossFit Bartlett not only make you strong but prepared for anything you may encounter? We incorporate odd objects into our training. Odd objects include things like sandbags, stones, kettlebells, medicine balls, and even weight plates if used correctly.

Odd objects are not more important than barbell training in a GPP regimen. They are both equally important. While it is awesome when someone lifts a heavy stable load like in a dead lift or a press, it is just as important that someone is able to lift a medium weight or even light weight unstable load. Lifting a sandbag and carrying it is really similar to lifting that bag of dog food at Target, and pressing a weight plate overhead is eerily similar to putting the Christmas dishes on the highest shelf in your cabinets. Next time we have something in the gym like stones or sandbag lunges don’t be afraid of the movement. Challenge yourself to try new dynamic loads. What is your favorite odd object? least favorite?

Clay working on his Muscle Ups! Click here to check out more pics from Flickr!