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Of Course It’s Difficult….

Many times we live our lives seeking out the easy path.  We go to school and skip out on engineering because the classes are hard.  We pick a job that is menial so that we don’t have to work too hard.  The list goes on and on.

Let me ask you this….

Think of all the great things in your life.  Where they easy or difficult to achieve?  Did you have kids and all the rewards of having children because it’s the easier route?  The career that you currently have, the one where you live your dream every day, did you choose that path because it was the easiest?

No of course not!  The things that come with the greatest rewards are usually preceded by the greatest struggles.  Do you think it happens that way for a reason?  Of course it does!  If it were easy it wouldn’t be rewarding.  If it were easy everyone would achieve it, and the achievement would be meaningless.

Joining a fitness program like ours is difficult.  Sticking to a successful nutrition plan is difficult.  Achieving your goals is difficult.

BUT the rewards are amazing!  So yes our program is more difficult then other classes you might take.  The prices may be higher then what you’d pay for something less.  The nutrition may be harder then other programs.

The reason these things are the case is because what we do works.  The rewards are the greatest from things that we struggle with.

Embrace the struggle, and reap the rewards.  Of course it’s difficult, but the rewards are worth it!

4-2-15 WOD



Muscle Up progressions

HSPU/ Ring Row Progression

Met Con:





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