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On a Soapbox

If you’ve been a member here for long enough, chances are you’re getting results.  If you aren’t progressing you probably also know why that is, be it consistency, nutrition etc.  I was having a conversation with a group recently about nutrition.  They have gotten amazing results here and were discussing their frustrations with talking to others about their success.  Usually the response is, ‘oh I could never stop eating bread it’s healthy,’ or ‘you’re going to get hurt doing what you are doing.’  This is incredibly frustrating to my clients, and it’s also incredibly frustrating to us as practitioners.  I run into people all the time and when we discuss what I do, they inevitably start feeding me excuses about why they couldn’t do what we do, or why eating what they eat is healthy, yet their health and body fat doesn’t reflect that.  The things that we teach are research based and results proven.  If you buy in, what we do works.  If you don’t buy in, you won’t get results.  Here are some truths about our program broken down simply for you:

Eating grains cause low level systemic inflammation and will at the very least slow down, and possibly stagnate fat loss, and at worse can expedite the onset, or aggravate an already present auto immune issue.

I can not vouch for all CrossFit gyms, but in OUR facility we strive for excellence in everything that we do, including injury prevention and safety.  The workouts are also scaled to meet any fitness level, previous injury, or condition.  You CAN do it if you WANT to do it.

Training in OUR program at CFB will result in fat loss, muscle gain, overall better health because we are actually committed in getting you results.  We have university training, several degrees on the wall, and a proven track record.  Show up, push hard, follow our advice, and don’t quit and you’ll get the results you want.  

If what you are doing is working, great.  If you wake up everyday unhappy with what’s going on in your health and you continue to do the same things and argue for them, maybe you should try something new for awhile.  What do you think?


6-21-13 WOD


Will be discussed in class

Met Con:

Burpees x 30 

800m run 

3 rounds for time