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One Thing…..

Many times we get hung up on all the ‘bad’ things we’re doing or all the ‘good’ things we need to do.  My world view has evolved over the past years as a coach and I tend to view things now on a spectrum.

I don’t see things as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ I just see them as pushing me towards my goals or away from them.  If you absolutely love beer and can’t live without it… cool, but it may affect your 6 pack abs.  As long as you’re ok with that, I am.

So instead of getting hung up on all the nitty gritty let’s break it down a bit.  Let’s take it to one thing.  What’s the one thing that you can change today to progress you towards your goals?  It could be cut out beer.  It could be stop drinking one soda every day.  It could be go for a walk 3 times a week.  It could be go to bed 30 minutes earlier.  Make it an actionable step that you can do TODAY.  Whatever that thing is for you, I want to know what it is.

Then I want you to do it.  Focus on that one thing, when it’s become a habit, then move on to something else.  What’s your one thing post comments below?


7-31-2014 WOD


Tall Clean & Jerk

10 x 2 @ 65%

Met Con:

Power Clean x 5 (75-85%)

50 meter run

Power Clean x 4

100 meter run

Power Clean x 3

200 meter run

Power Clean x 2

400 meter run

Power Clean x 1

800 meter run