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Open Gym Is Here!

You asked for it and we listened!

We hear all the time that you’d like more time to practice skills. ¬†Well guess what….

We’re giving it to you!

Starting Thursday and every Thursday here after for every class time, we will be having an open gym format.

Here is how it works:

It will still count for a class attended if you’re not unlimited.

The class times still hold true, you can’t come whenever, just one, hour long class.

You have several different options of what you can do for that class period:

1) You can do the workout and lift that’s programmed for that day.

2) You can make up a workout and or lift from earlier in the week.

3) You can work on any skill that you’d like- Muscle Ups, Snatches, anything is fair game.

4) You can get signed off on Levels or Barbell Testing.

5) You can work on ancillary programming given to you by CFB Staff- Pull up programs, HSPU programs etc.

5) You can just hang out and cheer other people on.


Things you can not do:

1) Programming outside of what’s programmed for CFB- we do not want what you are doing to negatively impact what others are doing.

2) Stay for multiple classes if you are not an unlimited member.

That’s about it.

See you guys Thursday!


9-2-14 WOD




(80% x 1, 85% x 1, 90% x 1) x 3

Met Con:

Heavy Weighted Sled Sprints x 25m

EMOM for 12 minutes