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Personal Record Shout Outs! CrossFit in Memphis

I am so proud of all the work everyone did for the last two weeks.  It was awesome to see so many PR’s.  I just wanted to take a second to give a shout out to everyone that we have recorded PR’s for. Congrats to everyone for some awesome work during the last couple of months!

Here are the lifts and who PR’d on them:

Bench Press

Cathy Rose, Nathan Kozlowski, Amanda Fadal, Jessica Denisen, Ashlie Ingram, Brianna Kruger, Jennifer Gordon, Michelle Sleiman, Angela Parker, Leigh Hamilton, Roxanne Simonetti, Sarah Webb, Margaret Moller, Brooke Lubin, Lauren Carley, Matt Lehman, Mark Kaserman, David Payton, Matt McGuire, Shea Blacknell, Kyle Fadal, Wade Kilgore, Tyler Ingram, Eric Surber, Javier Castro, Mike Zdunkawicks, Davis Gordon, Jason Hazlewood, Lester Reyes, Andy Savage, Dennis Velez, Tim Devall, Brandon George, Reggie Manning, and Gabe Bewley

Overhead Press

Leigh Hamilton, Brent Westbrook, Javier Castro, Wade Kilgore, Austin Springer, Amanda Fadal, Reggie Manning


Wendy Blankenship, April Flemon, Jennifer Gordon, Kasia Scherr, Nathan Kozlowski, Cathy Rose, Diane Bitzer, Teresa Koren, Robin P., Beverly Bearden, Leigh Hamilton, Michelle Sleiman, Angela Parker, Brooke Lubin, Laura Schmitt, Brent Booth, Roxanne Simonetti, Ashlie Ingram, Sara Webb, Chris Schmitt, Matt Lehman, Kim Ceder, Alex Elledge, Jason Hazelewood, Seun Heinkel, Austin Springer,       David Payton, Kristina York, Dennis Velez, Brent Westbrook, Javier Castro, Andy Savage, Brandon George, Shea Blacknell, Gabe Bewley, Tim Devall, Reggie Manning 

Back Squat

Kasia Scherr, Jessica Denisen, Wendy Blankenship, Jennifer Gordon, Brooke Lubin, Chris Schmitt Davis Gordan, Brent Westbrook, Lester Reyes

Front Squat

Wendy Blankenship, Seun Heinkel, Laura Schmitt, David Payton, Brent Westbrook, Gabe Bewley

Snatch Balance

Amanda Fadal, Roxanne Simonetti, Mark Kaserman, Michelle Sleiman, Javier Castro, Kristina York,       Davis Gordan, Tim Devall, Wade Kilgore


Brooke Lubin, Chris Schmitt, Frankie Silva

Pull ups

Javier Castro, Austin Springer

Clean and Jerk

Beverly Bearden, Jennifer Gordon, Brent Booth, Wade Kilgore, Gabe Bewley, Tim Devall

If we didn’t get your PR please let us know.  Congrats to everyone who PR’d we are very proud of your work!




2K Row

rest 4 mins

500m sprint