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Playing in the Majors

Major league baseball is a pretty big deal in the US. ?They are some of the highest paid athletes in the country. ?Did you know that there are thousands of players that play in triple and double A baseball leagues all trying to make it into the Majors?

Do you know what the difference between the majors and minors is? ?……

3 hits per 100 bats! ?That means that for every 100 times a player steps up to the plate, if they just hit the ball 3 extra times over what they are currently doing, they would make it in the major league! ?They would make millions of dollars. ?It sounds so easy…. just three more hits. ?Yet thousands of players every year don’t make the cut.

Why am I talking about baseball? ?Because, it can be a metaphor for life and CFB as well. ?If we spend just a bit more time practicing, work a little bit harder on our game, we can make the jump from the minor to major league. ?Just 3 more hits is like showing up consistently 1 more day per week to train, or adding 5 more pounds on the bar when training. ?Go a little bit harder when you are here, and see what kind of improvement you can make.

Can you make the jump? ?Can you play in the Majors? ?Can you make 3 more hits? ?What can you do to get 3 more hits while at bat in life?


Tina Lewis 2nd place finisher Whole LIfe Challenge!