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Poop Pills?

We’ve talked before about how good health begins in the gut.  It’s important to have ‘good’ bacteria in your intestinal tract in order to have proper absorption, health, etc.  Many people have been taking probiotics for years to counteract taking anti-biotics, and help grow the proper bacteria.  Their has also been some promising results from people using fecal transplants.  Yes you heard right!  Transplanting feces of a healthy person with good bacteria to an unhealthy person with gut problems has been tried with some success on things like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.  Well, following that logic, scientists have taken it one step further and have now made pills using live bacteria from healthy people’s feces.  Holy crap pill batman!  Of course, they pull all the stuff out, clean it, and keep only the live bacteria in a gel cap, but it’s till an interesting topic to think about.  Bacteria matter that much!  You can check out an interesting article about it here! 


10-7-13 WOD


 To be discussed in class:

Met Con:

Deadlift x 2 @ 80%

Burpees x 3

EMOM 12 mins