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Practicing Gratefulness…

By: Justin Emmons

These videos are worth your time.  It’s an insane story.  

Do bad things happen to you?  Are they really bad or are you just focused on the bad?  Something that I have been doing lately has been amazing for me.  Every night as I’m winding down, I spend a few minutes and write in a journal about my day.  At the end, I write 3 things that I’m grateful for.  By doing this, it sits in my subconscious and makes me focus on things during the day that are more positive.  In a book called the Happiness Advantage, the author wrote about the research behind it, but I just know, I’ve been doing it and it works.  If Ross here can take a shot gun blast to the head and be positive about it, than I think we can all spend some time and find something that we are grateful for everyday….

Trust me, it’ll change your mindset, and make your days better.

4-4-2014 WOD


OverHead Squat

Met Con:


Deadlift (a weight that you can do 3 x 7 so a little heavier than normal)


Chin Ups