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Preventable Death

I write these blogs about a week ahead of time, so by the time you read this a week will have already passed, but I write today with a heavy heart….

Last night a friend of mine from college passed away.  He had a heart attack.  Tragically he will never get to see his 40th birthday.  I am truly heart broken.  He wasn’t one of my closest friends, but he was what I would call a good friend, he was also a brother in my fraternity.  What saddens me the most about this situation is that all of it could’ve been prevented. 

My friend was morbidly obese.  He’d been that way since I’ve known him.  I’m not sure if he’s ever tried to go on a diet, or do something about his body weight.  I think he was content with who he was, which is fine, I admire that about him, but now he’s not here anymore.  He died from something that most likely could’ve been prevented.  I’m not trying to judge anyone here, I just feel like if you have large weight problems, inflammation problems, Type II diabetes etc., you could do something about it.  

There is something you can do.  Obesity is an epidemic sweeping the nation.  My friend was in his mid thirties and died of a heart attack!  That should not happen!  It’s tragic.  You can do something about your situation.  If not with me, then with somebody.  Contact me, I will send you some nutrition information for free.  Take care of yourself.  There may be some things that you have no control over, but I assure you, this situation you can help.  We can help.  Someone can help.  Don’t be another statistic.  

RIP Lionel 


5-13-13 WOD

Strength/ Skill:

Will be discussed in class

Met Con:

Kettle Bell Swing x 30 seconds

Plank Hold x 30 seconds

Squats x 30 seconds

30 second rest

5 rounds

Score is total number of reps + Plank score (1 point for each second held)