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This post is compliments of Caleb Whitfield at CrossFit Gainesville you can read the original post here!

What constitutes a quality fitness program? Is it the cheap one that fits your budget? Is it a program that constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone or introduces you to new exercises? Is it one that FEELS like you’re getting a good workout (and btw, not being able to walk properly for two days after every single workout is not quality)? Or, is it one that provides you with progress?

The one goal that unifies every individual that trains is to ‘make progress’. After all, if you aren’t getting any better, then why the hell go through with it?

Progress comes in many forms. It could be dropping down a size in your dress or jeans. It could be getting your first unassisted pull ups or running a 5k in under 20 something minutes. Whatever it may be, you are becoming more fit… and that is what a fitness program ought to provide. 

It’s impossible to track this progress without taking notes. I encourage you all to write down your stats, take pictures of yourself periodically, and note what you eat. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is so true! If you aren’t conscious of it you will take for granted how much progress you have made and are making. It’s also dangerously easy to form bad habits in nutrition and training (i.e. never increasing your weights) and this is an absolute progress killer! 

In the end, it’s just YOU VS. YOU. At the end of each day/week/month ask yourself, ‘Am I a better athlete than I was ‘x’ days ago?’ If the answer is yes, then you are on the right path. Stay the course and commit yourself relentlessly to self improvement. It’s a journey. You don’t have all the answers right now and you’ll never be 100% satisfied with where you are at, but if the ‘you’ of 6 months ago would be proud of the ‘you’ today, then the victory is being won. 

13.4 Xfit Crossfit Bartlett-19

3-18-13 WOD


Make Up

Met Con:

Wall Ball x 5 

Hand Stand Push Ups x 5 

Mountain Climbers x 10 (each leg counts as one)