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Progress is Winning!

Having the best time on the white board may seem like a tremendous accomplishment. With all of our in-house firebreathers, it certainly is. There?s no doubt about it. However, daily victories are not just won on the white board. Everyday there will be several mini-battles that you will face. You may face a battle with finding enough time to get to the gym, or a battle with adding weight to a lift, or a battle with getting that last rep completed, or a battle with progressing towards a kipping pullup, or a battle with your last PR ?Helen? time. These are just a few examples of the battles that matter.

You may be thinking, ?Easy for me to say,? right? Sure, I win the white board frequently. Sure, I give full efforts and sometimes have to kill myself to get the best time or score. Sure, I?m disappointed when I?m not first. That?s my tenacious and competitive personality for you. Make no mistake, I could benefit from taking my own advice! But I do know that I would trade a PR or any empirical evidence of progress for a white board win – any day of the week. Having proof of my progress confirms the efficacy of my training. I am constantly trying to become a better CrossFitter; so every time I progress, I am winning battles. Success is nothing but a series of mini-battle victories.

Today?s WOD is ?Helen.? I have my goal for the day set ? PR ?Helen.? If I PR ?Helen,? then I consider today?s efforts a victory. If I don?t PR ?Helen,? am I a failure? For me, it may take quite a bit of convincing; but no, I?m not a failure. Truly, if maximum effort is put forth, success is achieved and the day?s battle is won.

Mini-Battle: Set a daily goal.

Mini-Battle: Give it all you?ve got.

Result: Win the small battles.

Lesson: Progress is winning.


By: Michelle Kinney

Marissa showing a good finish! Click here for more pics on Flickr!