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Pushing Farther Than You Thought You Could Go

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Everyday in the gym I see people moving weight and moving themselves. It is truly inspiring to see everyone doing the things that they do. In addition to seeing the numerous successes, I also see the failures. I see the missed lifts, hard workouts, and overall bad days. There are many different reasons for failures within our walls. Sometimes it is technique, sometimes it is fatigue. The one cause of failure I see the most often is fear. It could be fear of that burning you get in your legs if you go hard, or it could be fear of throwing the weight overhead, but in the end it is all fear.

Don’t get me wrong, a little healthy fear is a good thing. However there is no reason to hold anything back in the gym. The worst that happens is that you miss the lifts, or your legs are super sore the next day. The pain you feel in your legs may be great, but the reward will be even greater. By pushing yourself past what you thought was possible, you will see incredible benefits. This is a true story, One day I was coaching a client through a max effort lift. We reached their max and they hit their max. Then we added weight, and they missed their next three attempts. When I asked them why they bailed out of the lift so early, they said they were scared of what might happen when they got to the hard part of the lift. We talked, and I convinced them to get back under the bar and attempt it one more time and clear there mind of all the what-ifs. They made that lift, they felt so good they added weight and hit the next lift, and the next, and the next. They ended up hitting a 40 lb PR on the lift. A 40 LB PR!! that’s huge, and the only thing holding them back was their fear.

When you are doing your AMRAPs in the upcoming weeks don’t be afraid to go for that extra rep. Push yourself into the uncomfortable place, you never know what might happen.

-Chris aka TI

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