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Rate Limiting Factor

Wikipedia defines the rate limiting factor also known at the rate determining step as:

A chemistry term for the slowest step in a chemical reaction. ?The rate determining step is often compared to the neck of a funnel; the rate at which water flows through the funnel is determined by the width of the neck, not by the speed at which water is poured in. ?In similar manner, the rate of reaction depends on the rate of the slowest step.

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Why am I talking about chemistry? Everyone in the gym has a rate limiting factor in their performance. ?Everyone has something that is holding them back from what they could possibly due. ?Are pull ups where you struggle? ?Do you suck at running? ?Is rowing the bane of your existence? ?Handstand push ups got ya down? ?Can’t figure out the double under? Could it be a strength deficit that is making you struggle? ?All of these things can be rate limiting factors.

Here’s another one for ya: Is your mentality a RLF? ?Do you use excuses like age as a crutch? If that’s the case check out the masters at the CrossFit Games. ?50 year olds are posting better Fran times then me. ?Do you not push yourself enough? This is one that I see constantly. ?Many people are afraid to fail, something that I blogged about previously. ?This is a huge RLF. ?You must push yourself to the limit to get the results you want! Do you have a misconception of how strong or fit you really are? ?Many people limit themselves because they think they aren’t as good as they really are. ?All of these can be RLF’s that need to be addressed.

The best thing for you to do is identify your RLF and attack it with a vengeance. ?If there is a skill you need to work on, do some extra work on it after class. If you are afraid to fail push yourself to failure and see what it’s like to be there. If you feel like you age is your issue, pick something like a 1/2 marathon etc. that you think ‘old people’ shouldn’t do and then make it your goal to do it. ?We will help you get there. ?If you think you aren’t that good, push yourself to do the harder workout, or ask a coach where the appropriate level or weight for you should be and then do that.

If you attack you RLF you will be more fit faster, and I would venture to say a more useful human being! What do you feel like your RLF is? ?What are you doing about it? Post comments below!

Kym working on her deadlift! ?Click here for more pics on Flickr!