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Recovery and Testing

We just finished a heavy lifting and testing cycle for our strength work.  Hopefully most of you saw increases in your personal records! Since we just finished the heavy lifting, this week we will take a week to de-load.  It’s important to spend a week every couple of months to rest from lifting heavy and give your body and central nervous system a break.  We will be showing you some mobility movements to help you become less fragile and more agile!

Also, in lieu of lifting we will be helping you complete your levels testing all week.  We are about to delve pretty heavily into the levels testing and what level you are on, so it’ll be important to make sure we test it.  The second half of the class, we will be doing workouts like always, but most of the workouts this week will have to do with levels testing as well.  

Have fun and let’s Upgrade You!


6-10 13 WOD

Levels Testing

Met Con:

Baseline x 2

500m row

40 Squats

30 Sit ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull ups

rest 5 minutes and repeat