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Recovery Week April 2015

We just finished a full lifting cycle. In the exercise physiology world it’s called a Meso Cycle.  We finished off the cycle with a round of testing 1 rep maxes.  It was so excited to see all of the personal records being set.

Lifting heavy and testing is very taxing on the body, so it’s important that after doing a heavy cycle you spend some time working on recovery.  This week is our recovery week.  We also call it a de-load week.

We won’t be doing heavy barbell lifting and we will be focusing on levels testing as well as conditioning.  This will give your central nervous system a break and allow you begin the next Meso Cycle refreshed and ready to lift again.

If you are stuck at a level because you’re skill is lacking i.e. muscle ups, clean and jerk, etc.  Then use this opportunity to work with a coach on your skills and get better.  Don’t squander the opportunity to have extra time at the gym to practice your goats (skills that you’re bad at).

Have fun this week and let’s break through to the next level.


Levels Testing

Met Con:


800m run

KB Swing x 30 (70/ 53)

Pull ups x 30

5 rounds for time

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