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Are you familiar with the ‘Theory of Relativity?’  I’m not going to go too deep into physics here, but the essence is this. Measurements of various quantities are relative to the velocity or time and and space of the observer.  You may need to read that sentence again so I’ll wait…..

What the heck does that mean?  It means that things can change relative to what’s going on with the person watching.  How is that in anyway related to CrossFit?  Hold on… I’m getting there…..

Many times the group setting is great.  It provides an avenue for you to share in a community and allows you to push yourself against other people.  The one thing that you always have to be aware of is, that what other people are doing is relative to them, and what you are doing is relative to you.  Sound familiar?  

What you can do is based off of the ‘you’ factor.  How long you’ve been training, what your age is, what your genetics are, what type of training you were doing before CrossFit, what’s your nutrition, sleep, ability to recover, etc., are all factors that contribute to your performance.  We focus so much on ‘personal records’ because we want to know how far you’ve come personally.  It’s good to compare yourself to others, but only in the context of the relativity lens.  Use it to see where you can go if need be, but do not use it to become discouraged about yourself. 

13.4 Xfit Crossfit Bartlett-2

4-11-13 WOD


Make up 

Met con:

500m row

Deadlift x 21

Burpees x 9

500m row

Deadlift x 15

Burpees x 15

500m row

Deadlift x 9

Burpees x 21