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Sacrifice…. CrossFit in Memphis

Let’s face it….. fitness is hard.  Right?  We all go to sleep at night, and many of us regret decisions that we made that day about our health and fitness.  Many of us want to do better.  Many of us say we want to be fit.  What’s the key to all of this? Sacrifice.  Many of us have a hard time sacrificing.  We have to sacrifice time.  We have to sacrifice ice cream.  We have to sacrifice comfort.  That’s hard right?  Do you want to know what’s harder?……….

Being lazy.  Being lazy is much harder then not being lazy.  Sure when you aren’t lazy you have to do some work.  Not doing work always seems like a better option.  But to what end?  What is the result of being lazy?  In fitness, the results are sickness, obesity, heart disease, Type II diabetes, cancer, becoming decrepit, premature aging, a life full of random pain, gout, etc, etc.  Those things sound a lot worse then sacrificing for 1 hour a day to exercise.  

You have to sacrifice anyway, why don’t you sacrifice being lazy?


8-14-13 WOD




Met Con:

KB Swings x 25

Sit ups x 50

Double Unders x 50 / Singles x 150

3 rounds for time