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Self Talk…

I talk about self talk all the time and how important it is for you to be positive in your thoughts.  I read Seth Godin’s blog pretty regularly and it struck me that he had a post on the very same topic.  I’ve reposted it here for you to see, because it just speaks so highly of what we all need to be doing in ourselves.  Here is the link to his blog if you want to check it out! 

Self Talk- By Seth Godin

There’s no more important criticism than self criticism.

There’s no amount of external validation that can undo the constant drone of internal criticism.

And negative self talk is hungry for external corroboration. One little voice in the ether that agrees with your internal critic is enough to put you in a tailspin.

The remedy for negative self talk, then, is not the search for unanimous praise from the outside world. It’s a hopeless journey, and one that destroys the work, because you will water it down in fear of that outside critic that amplifies your internal one.

The remedy is accurate and positive self talk. Endless amounts of it.

Not delusional affirmations or silly metaphysical pronouncements about the universe. No, merely the reassertion of obvious truths, a mantra that drives away the nonsense the lizard brain is selling as truth.

You cannot reason with negative self talk or somehow persuade it that the world disagrees. All you can do is surround it with positive self talk, drown it out and overwhelm it with concrete building blocks of great work, the combination of expectation, obligation and possibility.

When in doubt, tell yourself the truth.


April 1st, 2015 WOD


Back Squat

Met Con:

Front Squat x 5 @80% of 1RM

Rope Climb x 3

FS x 4

Rope Climb x 3

FS x 3

Rope Climb x 3

FS x 2

Rope Climb x 2

FS x 1

Rope Climb x 1

For time

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