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Setting Goals…

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Setting goals… ?we all know we should do it. ?We all know that you are supposed to have them. ?We all vaguely have goals (look better naked sound familiar?), but who has actually sat down and thought about specific goals? ?At CFB we use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting system. ?Here it is in a nut shell:


Goals should be specific. ?It usually answers the 5 W questions; who, what, when, where, and why.

For example, instead of, ‘I just want to tone up,’ ?you should say, I want to lose 3% body fat and add 2lbs of muscle in the next 4 weeks.


This usually answers questions like how much, how many, how will it be accomplished. ?Note the specific numbers from the above example 3% body fat.


This will usually answer the question how can this be accomplished. ?For example, if I wanted to learn how to swim I wouldn’t make it my goal to beat Michael Phelps in a race next year. ?That’s probably not attainable, but if I said I want to swim the distance for a sprint triathlon by this time next year, that’s doable. ?Likewise, starting training and expecting to make the CrossFit Games your first year, is probably not realistic for most people, but training hard and qualifying for regionals may be achievable.


These answer the questions: Does it seem worthwhile? ?Is this the right time?

For example, you are probably not going to learn how to swim a triathlon distance by just training CrossFit. ?You can set goals that are specific, measurable and attainable, but it’s not relevant than you will have an issue.

Time Bound:

This answers the question of when. ?The timeline must be realistic here per the other criteria mentioned, but if you do set a realistic time line and stick with it, you can lay out a plan to get there.

For example: What can I do today to get to my goals? ?What can I do next month, 6 months from now, and 1 year from now to reach the goal.

I hope this helps. ?Remember your coaches are available to help you with a goal setting session. ?We like to schedule these one time a quarter. ?Contact your coach if interested!