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Setting the Bar at Amazing

It’s great to set the bar high, it gives you something to shoot for.  What’s important is that you realize where you are currently.  If you set the bar too high, it’s easy to not start.  It’s easy to back peddle, make excuses, and decide to quit, because you could never get to that bar that you artificially set.  Here’s the deal….. the path to amazing starts with not amazing.  The path to amazing starts with wherever you are at, goes through mediocre, passes through better, and with consistency can get to amazing.  Set the bar high, but don’t waste too much time comparing yourself to amazing now, begin at the beginning and work your way to amazing and with consistency you’ll get there.


6-7-13 WOD


Will be discussed in class

Met Con:

OHS x 21

200m run

OHS x 15

400m run

OHS x 9

800m run

for time