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Shelby Farms Park!

When my kids were young we played at Shelby Farms on the playground, went on short hikes and enjoyed the occasional picnic. Well, if you haven?t taken your kids to Shelby Farms to enjoy these types of activities in a while?you?re missing out!! Recently I learned (thank you Lisa Garner!) that Shelby Farms had created a great new playground?.and that place is great!! Steve and I, (along with Aunt Holli) went out last Saturday and had a great time!!

The play concept that was created was based on how kids wanted to play. Kids who used the current playground were invited to participate in the development of the new playground. There is an arbor that snakes through more than one mile of the landscape, with large openings to give varied sight lines.? In the curves of the arbor are playground nests specifically designed for different ages and ability levels?sand nest, swing nest, net and treehouse nest, slope nest.

When is the last time you took your kids to the park?

For more information and to view more pictures of the park go to:

Here?s Jackson enjoying a little climbing action!!