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Spinning Out of Control Part 2

Many of you read my spinning out of control part 1 blog. If you didn’t you can check it out here! In it I spoke about how we spun out in the middle of the interstate and careened into a ditch. ?Now I’d like to finish the story and talk about how we got out.

Keep in mind that we just finished two full 360 degree turns in the middle of the interstate and have now careened into a ditch in the median of the highway. ?It is pouring down rain, and the water in the ditch we are now sitting in was almost up to the door jams. ?I looked at my wife, Shannon, and asked if she was ok. ?Then I instantly looked to the back seat and saw that both babies were fine. ?Now it was time to see if we could get out…

The truck was pitched down into the ditch, so I thought we may be able to back it out. ?I put the truck in reverse and slowly pressed the gas pedal. Nothing, no movement. ?I pressed the gas a bit more, and the tires just spun, flinging mud and water everywhere. ?My next step, I put the truck into drive. ?Maybe I could catch a grip and drive out of it. ?I slowly pressed the gas and the tires just spun. ?It was official, I was stuck, really stuck. ?There we sat, wife in the seat next to me, two babies in the back, pouring down rain. ?For a moment I considered crying. Then I considered all my other options. ?I made Shannon get into the drivers seat. ?I went out and stood on the bumper and jumped up and down while she pressed the gas, hoping something would catch. ?No go. ?Although, in hindsight, it’s probably good, if the tires suddenly did catch, I probably would’ve fell off and Shannon would’ve probably backed over me. ?Someone was looking out for me and the family again!

Drenched from the rain, I began to feel helpless and started to wonder how much a tow truck was going to cost. ?Then a nice Mississippi resident pulled over with his truck to help us out. ?He had a chain and 4 wheel drive, so our hope was, he could tow us out. ?We hooked everything up, and he began to drive. ?His tires just spun and spun, and his 4 wheel drive decided not to work. ?Soon he was also stuck! ?A third Mississippi man pulled over and tried to tow me out, soon he was stuck as well. ?At this point, we have myself and two other gentlemen soaking wet standing there looking at 3 trucks stuck in the mud. ?It was pretty much a nightmare.

Finally a nice man in a 4 wheel drive Jeep Wrangler pulled up. ?He hooked up to me and pulled me right out. ?Then he preceded to pull the other two trucks out. ?It was hilarious, three big trucks pulled out by a little Jeep. ?Regardless, we all got out unscathed. ?Which brings me to the points I thought about after the fact that apply to the gym from this story.

Everyone struggles in life. ?Everyone spins out of control just like I wrote about in the first part of this blog. ?Everyone also gets stuck in the middle into a rut sometimes. What happens next is the key. ?You seek help. ?Many times, help is just around the corner, or it may even stop in front of you to ask you if you need it. ?The best thing to do is check your ego and take the help if you need it. ?Just in the case of me being stuck. There are also times when the first person that comes along may not be able to help you. ?It may take the second, or third person to pull you out of the ditch. ?Sometimes, it’s the least likely of person to help you.

In fitness, just like the story, you may be stuck in the middle, or in a rut. ?There are many big gyms out there with all the bells and whistles just like the big trucks that got stuck with me. ?Our gym is like the Jeep Wrangler. ?We aren’t the huge flashy truck, but we will dig in a pull you out of the rut if you choose to let us help you! ?Have you ever been stuck in a rut, or needed help? ?What did you do to get out of it? ?Post Comments below!

Monkeying around with some handstands! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!