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Spring 2013 Whole Life Challenge Finale

Saturday April 13th will be the finale for this Spring’s Whole Life Challenge!  We are so excited to see the progress people have made here!  I can not wait to see everyone’s accomplishments.  I am so proud of everyone’s hard work.

Saturday, there will be no regular gym workout.  Anyone who is not in the challenge can participate in the WLC workout.  If you are in the WLC we will start measurements at 8:30AM.  If you are not doing measurements and just want to workout, please show up by 9, so that we can get you scheduled in a heat.  The heats will be assigned first come first serve.  We plan on the entire workout to be done by 11AM.  

Immediately following the WOD, we will be serving BBQ.  We want this to be a pot luck and everyone bring something to share Paleo and Non Paleo dishes welcome.  This will be an awesome celebration of the accomplishments of the WLC people.  

We will announce the award winners during the BBQ.

Even if you don’t want to participate in the workout, please come and cheer on your friends.  We want this to be an awesome environment for people to break their previous records!

We are looking forward to an awesome Saturday.

Well done WLC people, well done!

13.4 Xfit Crossfit Bartlett-126

4-10-13 WOD


Over Head Press 

2 x 5 1 x 5+ 


1 x 5+

Met Con:

Tabata 8 intervals of 20s work 10s rest of: 

Thrusters top weight 75lbs 

Wall Balls