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Stressed Out

Are you stressed out?  Trust me I know, I get stressed out all the time.  I run a business.  I have employees.  I have bills to pay.  I’m married.  I have two children under 4 years old.  Life is hectic.  The key is what do you do to de-stress?  It is very important to de-stress your life.  You can get amped up about something but do you make it worse?  Do you dwell on it?  Do you keep brining it up over and over?  How much does it eat on you?  

Here are some things that I do to de-stress.

1) Work out

Studies show that training even if it’s for 5 minutes with some burpees and jump rope, it helps to de-stress you.

2) Meditate

You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama here, 5 minutes a day will help significantly with stress.  Don’t have 5 minutes do 3.  I take a timer and set it.  Sit down in a quiet room and focus on my breathing for the entire time.  If I have a thought, I acknowledge it then go back to my breathing.

3) Keep a journal

Research has shown that by taking 5 minutes each night and listing 3 things good that happened to you that day, you can increase happiness and sense of well being as well as decrease stress.  It’s something easy to do and will help you out significantly.

4) Eat Healthier

When you follow good nutrition, your body responds better to stress in general and makes you feel better.  Also, little things will not stress you out as much.

5) Get outside

Research has shown that just going for a 10 minute walk can help significantly with your stress and hormone levels.

6) Lie down

Researchers have discovered that lying flat on your back and closing your eyes for as little as 5 minutes will make a dramatic drop in your stress levels.

I hope these things help you de-stress.  What do you guys do to decrease your stress levels?


10-10-13 WOD


To be discussed in class:

Met Con:

Box Jumps x 5

HSPU x 5

30? rest

AMRAP 15 mins