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Success Track Class Coming…

We have several ancillary programs going on at CFB to help you succeed…

One of these programs is our Success Track.  This is a series of three classes that I teach in order to set yourself up for success.

The first class is called Green Light and it’s this Saturday at 10AM.

This class is an introduction to CFB.  It will explain our story, our mission, our vision, the big picture stuff.  It will also go over all our other programs, and what the best route is for you to set yourself up for success.  It’ll also give you a chance to interact with me personally, since there are some of you who I don’t see much of due to scheduling.  It’s a fantastic over view of what you should be doing, and I’m excited to teach it.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I hope to see all of our new students there.

Have a great week!



To be discussed in class

Met Con:

KB Swings x 12 (Heavy)

 Pull Ups x 21

 DU?s x 30 or Singles x 200

 3 rounds for time