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Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready…

I just recently read a great blog by James Clear, you can check it out here.  In it he describes the story of Sir Richard Branson.

If you don’t know the story, you should google it.  It’s pretty fantastic.  He dropped out of school as a dyslexic.  Started selling magazines out of a crypt.  Then he started selling mail order records and was successful enough to decide to start his own record label.  He eventually signed bands like the Sex Pistols, and The Rolling Stones.  One of my favorite stories though is how he came into the airline business?

He was on his way to the Virgin Islands, and his last flight got cancelled.  He really wanted to go that night, so he chartered a plane.  He didn’t have a lot of money at the time, and couldn’t afford to pay for the chartered plane.  He scribbled tickets for sale $29 on a black board and sold tickets to the other stranded passengers on his chartered plane.  They all went to the Virgin Islands that night.  He didn’t know anything about airlines, but he decided to start an airline company.  He wasn’t ready to start an airline company he just did it.

Training is the same way.  If you are waiting to get fit before you join the gym, you will never come.  If you are waiting for this or that before you start training at all, you will never do it.  If you want to be successful, start before you are ready.  Start today.  There’s no reason to be scared, or wait until you are ready?.. you’ll never be ready.  

Sir Richard Branson didn’t know anything about airlines but he started Virgin Air.  You don’t have to know anything about exercise, just surround yourself with people who do.  We can handle all your questions, take care of your doubts, and get you results, but we can’t make you start.

If you want to be successful, don’t wait until you are ready?.. start today.



To be discussed in class

Met con:

Forward Rolls x 5

 Hang Power Clean x 5

 100m Run

 4 rounds for time