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Surviving and Thriving During the Holidays!

I sent this out in an email to our entire database, but I felt it prudent to put it on the blog as well, just in case you didn’t get the email. ?I feel it’s very important for you to get the information. ?Especially the Holiday Survival Guide that is available for download at the bottom of this page!

Most holidays for people are filled with times spent with family and friends. ?It is a time for relaxation. ?It is a time for fun and reflection. ?For alot of people it’s also the time to break out the elastic waistbanded pants or the time to undo the belt a notch. ?Usually the awesome meals are followed by feelings of guilt and unhappiness. ?Of course we don’t want that to happen! ?We don’t want to feel bad about ourselves, and we certainly don’t want to gain 5-10lbs of fat over the holidays. ?My goal for you is for you to come out of the holidays 5lbs lighter! ?Imagine yourself kicking off the new year by buying smaller clothes! ?It could happen. ?Here are a few quick tips to get through the holidays. ?I’ve also attached a complete Survival Guide for The Holidays FREE! ?We at CrossFit Bartlett want you to survive and thrive this holiday season, so check it out and let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!

5 Tips to Help Through the Holidays

1) Eat before you go to the holiday dinner-

If you don’t eat all day, this can make you prone for over indulgences and overeating. ?Have a small healhty meal about 90 minutes before your big meal, this will help you stay satisfied and keep you from stuffing yourself with too much bad ‘goodness.’

2) Do a small bit of exercise about 30 mintues before you eat-

I’m not going to go into too much painstakenly boring exercise physiology, but doing 20-50 squats, push ups, and sit ups about 30 minutes before dinner will help your insulin sensitivity ( a good thing), and it will help decrease your body’s inclination to store the food as fat.

3) Chew your food-

Chewing your food at least 30 times per bite will help you feel full faster, and help you feel satisfied sooner.

4) Plan your meal timing-

Eat healthy everyday that week except for the one day that you do indulge. ?This can be extremely satisfying due to pshychological delayed gratification. ?Not to mention, just like eating good one day and eating bad every other day won’t have a huge effect on you, neither will eating bad one day and eating good the rest. ?I try to make sure that for 6.5 days a week I eat well and plan for that cheat meal appropraitely. ?If done correctly with a little will power this will help your waistline out tremendously!

5) Have a plan to get back on track-

Many times you can plan to indulge and that’s perfectly ok. ?As long as you have a secure plan to get back on track, and then you follow that plan when it is time, you can cruise through the holidays unscathed! ?The best thing to do here is have a specific program that you are going to join, and have a specific day that you plan on starting. ?Then write it on your calendar, tell a friend and ask them to hold you accountable. ?One of the best methods for doing something is for you to tell someone that you are going to do it. ?There are strong psychological factors at work there that will help you be more successful!

If you have worked hard all year then it should be ok for you to indulge a bit during the holidays. ?Have a plan of attack and don’t feel bad about planned indulgences. ?You deserve it. ?For some of you who haven’t worked hard all year, this is a perfect chance to make some new goals and stick with them. ?There’s no better reason to start then during the holidays. ?It may serve you well to only have one helping of indulgence and then follow your plan of attack. ?Either way, I hope these tips have helped you.

For more tips and the entire Holiday Survival Guide complete with workouts you can do while traveling,

Click here to download!


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