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Taking things for granted….

I was driving into work the other day and I noticed something…..

The leaves are changing again. ?It’s that time of the year when all of the leaves turn to beautiful shades of oranges and reds and yellows. ?This is of particular note to me because I grew up in Florida. ?You see, Florida doesn’t really have fall colors. ?Heck some would argue that Florida doesn’t really have a fall, but that’s a whole other issue!

I’m sure most Memphians don’t even notice. ?Everyone bustles about their day, making the same drive daily, worrying about what’s going to happen at work, or what we are going to cook for dinner etc. ?When you see the same things all the time you get used to it. ?You become almost desensitized to it. ?You take it for granted. ?Many times when it’s gone you don’t even notice, but sometimes you do.

When I lived in Florida, I grew up near the beach in what’s called the Emerald Coast. ?In my opinion that area has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. ?The water is crystal clear, and sand is white and has the consistency of sugar. ?It’s absolutely amazing. ??When I would get depressed as a kid, I would go out to the beach and just stare at the waves. ?When I wanted some romantic alone time with my lady friend we would go to the beach. ?The sad truth is, when?I lived there I hardly ever went. ?I took it for granted. ?I never realized what an amazing treasure I had.?Now we don’t have that. ?Now that I don’t live there, I miss it. ?I have dreams about the coastline.

Now I stop and take in the beautiful fall colors of Memphis. ?Sure I miss Florida sometimes, but where you live and the success and happiness you have there is up to you. ?So many people complain about Memphis, but they fail to see the beauty. ?In Memphis, we have beautiful fall colors. ?The trees change, shed their leaves, go through a tough winter and then come out even more beautiful in the spring. ?You can do the same thing with your life! ?Shed your fall colors, go through tough times and come out beautiful in the Spring!

Sometimes we do the same thing with our results. ?We get results and become accustomed to achieving success. ?Then we get down on ourselves when we ‘only’ get a 5lb personal record, or ‘only’ do one rep better then last time. ?We need to celebrate any success because you worked at it! ?We can even take it one step further and think that the way CFB runs things is the standard and we can go anywhere and get the same service. ?The truth of the matter is that’s just not the case. ?We do things different, and sometimes we take for granted the reason why we see such successes in the gym. ?In the Whole Life Challenge we saw a guy lose 28.75 inches in 56 days! ?Do you realize how freaking incredible that is? ?The stuff we do at CFB works and it works great! ?Keep working hard and follow the program and you WILL see results. ?Don’t take results and hard work for granted!

Be grateful for the situation you are in. ?Stop sometime and take a look at the amazing environment you are in. ?Look around at all the people here at CFB changing into their fall leave colors and then coming out better for it in the end! ?Take a look at the situation you are in. ?Strive to improve it! ?Over the next few weeks driving around town, stop and look at how beautiful the leaves are. ?Don’t take that for granted, for soon winter will be upon us and the leaves will be gone. ?What do you take for granted?

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