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Tammy Westphal

Can you say WOW!

Tammy has been training with us for a year now and the transformation she has experienced is unbelievable! Not only did Tammy lose a total of TWENTY ONE INCHES off her body, she has gained confidence, energy, friendships and a healthy self image over the last year.

We could not be prouder of her, her accomplishments and her dedication to her health! WAY TO GO Tammy Westphal! You aren’t done yet! Here’s a recap of her last year with us:

Weight Lost: over 35 pounds from her start date
Inches Lost: 21.25

She shaved 2:10 off her original baseline from February 2017. In 2017 she was doing ring rows for her pull – ups and at her last reassessment with her accountability coach she was doing assisted pull-ups on the bands!

If you are looking for a program to help you lose the weight, gain the strength you need AND gain the confidence you want…you found us! Call us today at (901) 388-9979 for the details you need to get started!