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Thanksgiving Break: Workouts Optional? What?

If you are traveling this week, you may find it difficult to squeeze in a WOD or two while you are on the road or at a relative?s house. I emailed workout suggestions to you for when your time and equipment are at a minimal. Honestly, if you are neurotic like I am about working out, your relatives will appreciate your figuring out how to squeeze it in your schedule. I transform into this unpleasant and irritated creature that no one wants to talk to. Just ask my mom. However, I suspect my issues are uncommon. If this is the case, don?t sweat it. Go ahead and plan to not workout. Yes, I said to NOT workout. Are you surprised by my suggestion?

Some time off (also known as ?rest?) never hurts anyone, including me. Take the opportunity to enjoy your time spent with your family. Take it all in and absorb all the special moments that you don?t get the chance to experience very often. The barbells and burpees will always be there; but your time with your loved ones, from near and far, is limited. Who knows, you may even be able to convince your family to participate in a WOD with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

By: Michelle Kinney

Jennifer and Ted conquering the cargo net and their fears! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!