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The China Study…

Have you heard of it? ?It’s a study conducted by T. Colin Campbell on different areas of China that were mostly Vegan, or ate little meat. In this study he extrapolates that the consumption of meat leads to disease and cholesterol problems. ?I could spend a ton of time here citing different experts in nutrition and science totally debunking this study. ?To summarize, their are a ton of leaps of faith in his research establishing a small or slight correlation as causation. ?If you know anything about science this is a big no no in research. ?For example, every time you drive past a burning building you see a fire truck there. ?You could establish a correlation that fire trucks cause fires. ?Of course, we all know that is not correct, but you can make the statistics say there is a strong correlation. ?You can take my word for it that this study is junk, or if you prefer, you can research it yourself. ?If you want a really great commentary check out Robb Wolf’s blog with his published ‘Protein Debate’ between the T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Loren Cordain (author of the original paleo diet book) ?It’s comical how Dr. Cordain just buries Campbell.? has put up a huge list of extremely smart people talking about this study, and citing a lot more science then I care to get into in this blog, but if it interests you, please go check out what the smart people have to say about this study:

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