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The Go Getter… Crossfit in Memphis

This little book was written by Peter Kyne in 1921.  I read it a couple of years ago, but just recently listened to a podcast talking about the book.  It’s amazing how a book written in 1921 can still impart so much wisdom into today’s society.  The book is a story about a WWI veteran who got a job a company.  The owner basically puts him to a test to get blue vase.  Long story short, the lead character faces insurmountable odds in trying to achieve this task, but he never quits.  Hit tenacity and resourcefulness keeps him going.  He also continuously seeks counsel as he’s accomplishing his task of achieving the blue vase.

Many times we face an obstacle whether it be in our nutrition, or training, or whatever in life and we think it’s too hard, or we quit.  Most of the time, if we just step back and realize there will be obstacles, sometimes what seem like insurmountable obstacles, then just knowing that fact can help us keep going.  Accept that it will be hard, but if you push through, sometimes seek counsel, and continue to strive, you’ll accomplish your task.  Can you get your blue vase?

3-25-2014 WOD


Bench Press


Snatch Balance

Met Con:

Barbell walking lunges x 20

400 meter run

4 rounds for time