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The Olympics and Buying In…

I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics?. I love it.  I love the Olympics in general. I don’t care what sport it is.  Even figure skating, I will watch.  I have a great appreciation for athleticism.  It’s pretty phenomenal to route for your country.  I also feel for these athletes.  These guys train their entire life for sometimes only 1 shot to win an event.  IF they fall short, they have to wait 4 more years to try again, and by that time many times the younger competition will have over taken them.

It’s great to watch their interactions with their coaches and know the prep both physically and mentally that went into all of that training in order to succeed.  As a coach that brings up some thoughts.  These guys are the top in the world at what they do.  How many of them do you think argue with their coaches about their training?  When they hire a nutritionist, how many of them do you think argue with them about what they should eat?  I doubt they argue at all.  They may moan and groan, but they hire their coaches because they know they are the experts.  They listen completely, and the reward for completely buying into the program and doing the things that are asked of them, they get to perform on a world wide stage at a world class level.  If you want an amazing account of this, I would check out Apolo Ohno’s book, No Regrets.  

One of the most frustrating things for me is when people don’t fully buy into the program what we offer.  We have laid out road maps for you to succeed.  We will literally hold your hand through the process.  Are you taking advantage of it?  I taught my Green Light Class on Saturday.  Did you come?  We offer weekly nutrition check ins are you journaling your nutrition and taking advantage of that?  We have tons of resources on nutrition including our success track, pipelines program, and books sitting on the shelves for sale.  Have you taken advantage of any of that?  We have skill sessions available to you.  Have you used them.  

Or do you argue with the coaches, or buck the system, do what you want or only half do it and expect amazing results.  50% buy in will result in 50% or less of you reaching your potential. 

Buy into the program and you will get results?. simple.  Buying in means doing all the things, and using all the resources that we provide for you.  The Success Track classes, the blogs, Facebook, books, coaching sessions, challenges, seminars, social events?. buy into everything and you’ll get amazing results.  You in?



To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Thrusters x 21 (unbroken weight)

 Rowing x 21 Calories

 3 rounds for time