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The Squat…..

?Move because you can?if you don?t, you will lose it?and it?s going to be a bad day when you lose it.? -Ido Portal

One of the most basic, primal, and I would argue important things you can do is squat.  This is the basis behind all athletic movement and all human movement in general.

Did you know that most third world countries rest in a squat position?

How many of you could rest in this position?  Did you know that most people in these countries don’t have back issues.  They also have many less cases of Colitis, Colon cancers, and problems with the intestines.  It’s important to be able to perform a good squat.  Ever see a small child pick something up?  They do a perfect squat and then pick it up.

Here’s a great video by a guy named Ido Portal.  He’s quickly becoming the squat guru and I highly recommend the practices he teachers here.  Are you going to do your squatting today?



To be discussed in class:

Met Con:


 GHD Sit ups x 50

 Rope Climbs x 10

 Push Ups x 50

 For time


 GHD Sit ups x 30 

 Rope Climbs x 5

 Push Ups x 50

 For time 


 Toes to bar/ Knees to elbows x 30

 Cargo Climbs x 5 or Dead Hang Chin up + Knee to elbow x 20

 Push Ups x 50 

 For time