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The Whole Life Challenge…..

produced AMAZING results!  For those participants that stuck out the challenge everyone saw phenomenal gains.  This was a 8 week nutritional, performance, and lifestyle challenge.  It was a grind for most, and some people fell off…including myself.  BUT for the ones that made it through….man what a transformation!  Here are some highlights!

Mike Glancey came in first place!  He saw a 22% increase in his performance from his baseline workout and 8.5 inches of changes in his measurements!

Frank Cook came in second place, with a 48% improvement on his workout and 5 inch change on his measurements!  This is truly amazing results considering he was ill for part of the challenge and couldn’t workout!

Mike Zdunkawicz finshed 3rd overall with a 2% improvement in performance and an amazing 11 inch improvement in his measurements!

Ruth Lasley was our highest performing non member with a 10% increase in performance and a 5.75 inch difference in her measurements!

The Spirit of The Games award went to Melissa Crutcher for exemplifying what the spirit of the Whole Life Challenge is all about.

It’s been truly amazing to watch everyone’s transformations- physically, performance wise, and mentally throughout this challenge!

Congrats to everyone who participated and saw results! It was a great 8 weeks!

Thanks to all that participated and thanks to all that helped in running it!

It was truly a great event!



6-30-14 WOD


Back Squat

3-1-1-1-1 (1 Rep Max)

Met Con:

Box Jumps x 10

Deadlift x 10

100m run

AMRAP 12 minutes

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