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Today’s the Day….. Thank You!

Today is the day for our 9/11 Remembrance Workout.

I think every generation has a big event that they lived through.  Most people can remember exactly where they were when those things happened.  They were game changers and when they happened they knew it.  Our great grandparents, if they are still alive could probably tell you exactly where they were when the bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor, or when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima.  My parents can tell you exactly where they were when JFK was assassinated.  I can remember exactly where I was when the planes hit the towers….

I was walking to class when the first plane struck.  I had no idea what was going on.  None of my classmates did.  We were carrying on about our business like every other day.  This was before twitter, before Facebook, back when we had just discovered Napster.  When I got to psychology class of about 300 students my professor came in and announced to the class that a plane had struck the world trade center and all of school was shutting down.  We thought it was crazy.  Nobody knew what was going on, nor did we know the brevity of the situation.  I left class and walked across campus to the student union, a large building with a food court etc.  When I walked into the building there were already TVs set up everywhere.  100’s of people were standing there watching it.  It was unreal, like something out of movie.  Nobody was talking, we were all just watching.  A girl next to me started crying, I still didn’t really understand what was going on, nobody did.  I stood and watched the second plane strike the second tower.  I remember thinking at that point, that we were under attack.  I remember thinking that this was a game changer.  Then I watched the towers collapse, live on TV.  Everyone around me started crying.  We knew this was serious.  This was actually happening.  It was like a scene out of movie, but it was actually happening.  

To this day, I remember the event like it was yesterday.  We’ve been in a war ever since.  Have you stopped and thought about that?  It’s a forgotten war.  People not directly involved forget that there is a conflict.  We are a little closer because we deal with military personnel every day, but most people have forgotten, or at least gotten numb to it.  There have been many brave men and women who have fought and died for our country.  There were many firefighters and police who lost their lives that day.  I strongly considered joining the military that week, but decided against it.  I wasn’t brave enough to do it.  God bless the men and women who are more brave then I.  God bless the men and women who silently and valiantly protect us on the home front and overseas.  

Thank you from the bottom of our heart.  We are the greatest country in the world because people like you do what you do.

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9-11-13 WOD

Hero WOD Danny

Box Jump x 30 (24/20)

Push Press x 20 (115/85)

Pull ups x 30

AMRAP 20 minutes